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Cello for sale

Smetana orch. George Szell : String Quartet No. 1 - III. Largo sostenuto
Rachmaninov - Orsi, Irina
Brahms I. - Orsi, Irina
Brahms II. - Orsi, Irina
Brahms III. - Orsi, Irina
Liszt - Orsi, Irina

Live Recordings of the instr.:

  • Beautiful copy of a Paolo Maggini italian violoncello from 1630 made by a hungarian luthier, Tihamér Romanek in 2011 is for sale.

  • The instrument is in perfect shape, has a warm, round and soloistic character sound. 

  • It has been renovated and set up recently by Károly Tóth luthier and sound specialist.

  • The cello served well at several professional solo/chamber and orchestral concerts.

  • (Pilsen Phil., Prague Chamber Orch., Czech National Syph.O.)

  • Measurements: Mensur: 69,2 cm, Length of back: 74,5 cm, Upper bouts: 37 cm, Lower bouts: 47 cm

  • Price and more details (photos/recordings) please request by email:

  • Testing available mostly in Prague and in Budapest

  • Signed and stamped by the maker. Certificate: possible on request.

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