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Cello Workshop Praha 7.


Még nincsenek címkék.

Cello meeting, 29th of May, 2016 ARTUAL

Our last sunday's cello workshop meeting was great!

This team is from Hungary, Czech Republic, United States, Taiwan and Russia!

It is so nice to see how music brings people together from all around the world!

Thank you my friends:

Nóri, Eva , Lilly, Ding Ming and Oleg!

We played some classical pieces and popular arrangements, such as John Legend: All of me,

Elvis Presley: Always on my mind, Ed Sheeran: I see fire, Hans Zimmer: Gladiator, Tyler Bates: The way,

Bach: Cantata, Bach: Air, Dvorak: Symphony no 9. Largo, Haydn: German Dance, Tabulatur Kehrab...

Check out our playing here:

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