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Dear Visitor, Please let me introduce myself.


I come from a family of music lovers. My relationship with playing music began in my childhood at Zoltán Kodály Hungarian Choir School in Budapest. We sang a lot, participated in choir competitions (often winning), training our voices, learning solmisation and folk dancing...

We did all these things happily and effortlessly. Around age six while at a concert, I was fascinated by the silky and soft sound of the violoncello and I started play after that.


My parents and teachers were always supporting me: Andrea Fehérné, Gabriella Lakatos - Kodály Choir School, Endre Lengyel - Bartók Conservatoire, István Csurgay - Franz Liszt Academy of Music , M.A., Harro Ruijsenaars, HGSM, Music Academy of Gothenburg, Sweden

During my studies I had the fortune to participate in master classes and worked with renowned  professors  such as Valter Despalj (Croatia), Miklós Perényi, László Mező, István Varga, László Pólus (Hungary).

In 2006 after receiving my diploma I was employed for nine months as a salon musician at the five star Windsor HotelToya (Japan) in collaboration with the pianist, Klaudia Vida. In 2008 I went to the peaceful Swedish port-town Gothenburg, where I taught for one year whilst studying with Professor Harro Ruijsenaars (former principal cellist of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw). Following this term in the chilly Scandinavian climate, there was another culture for me to experience.


IAfter succeeding at an orchestral audition, since April 2010 I have been working as a co-principal cellist at The Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra in the Czech Republic.

I am also regularly playing at the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Pragensis Orchestra, 

Gli archi di Praga, Lisniak Band and Ensemble Graciozo. 

Beside orchestra playing I am always happy to compose original music as well as give solo and chamber concerts. In addition to playing and teaching, I often help at my father, Gyula Vági's organ building business. There I am supporting the international sales of his Continuo organs.


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