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Cello Workshop Praha 7.


Még nincsenek címkék.

Cello meeting 29.1.2017

Dear Nóra, Eva, Sári, Hikari, Yusuke and Oleg,

Thanks for today's cello meeting!

It has been really nice seeing you all and playing together!


Meeting summary:

We warmed up with simple exercises showing the differences between "homophony" (literally: "one sound") and "polyphony" (literally: "many sounds").

We were practising how to overtake the melody smoothly from one cello to an other, than we played short excerpts illustrating development from a simple accord line into a more complicated and more decorated polyphonic choral line.

Seeing more examples from the music literature, we continued with the following two pieces: a baroque hymn and a classical canon.

- Bach choral, BWV 432:

''So ist das unser Trost allein'' (So this is our only comfort)

The text most probably originate from Paul Eber (1566) but the same text appears also in a Weimar Hymn book from 1713:

''When we are in utmost distress and know not where to go,

and find neither help nor advise,whether we seek from early to late

So this is our only comfort that we together call on you, O faithful God for rescue from fear and distress

- W. A. Mozart, KV 554, Canon: Ave Maria in F major

Jumping ahead about 100 years, we played an impressionistic piece called:

Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50 by the French composer Gabriel Fauré written in 1887. It was originally a piano piece, but is better known in Fauré's version for orchestra and optional chorus.

Lastly we finished our session with an popular song: Somewhere over the rainbow

(the ''ukulele version'' by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.)

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